Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Floral Challenge

Despite the continual rain and grey skies, Spring is only around the corner. A recent Style Me Pretty piece, in which they selected their favourite floral wedding cakes, including our 'Open Roses' and 'Ruffles and Pearls' cakes, has got our brains ticking over with some new floral ideas for Spring.

 'Ruffles and Pearls' (left) and 'Open Roses' (right)

At Rosalind Miller Cakes, we have been taking inspiration from the metallic trend on the runways this season, and experimenting with the Phalaenopsis Orchid.

We came up with this:

'Silver Orchid'

With floral cake design having been such an enduring trend, it is harder and harder to push the boundaries in this field of sugar-craft; although a stroll around Kew Gardens is always a good place to start when searching for floral inspiration.

And whilst floral decoration is a cornerstone of traditional wedding cake design, there are still so many variations of floral design that are yet to be explored. With all the new innovative techniques and tools helping sugar-crafters create ever-more realistic flowers, there are plenty of possibilities to be explored.

One of our favourite tools for creating beautiful sugar flowers is the Jem Veiner

This nifty tool has helped us to create these Anemones on our 'Orchids and Anemones' cake. We use it to vein and add textures to the flower petals.

'Orchids and Anemones'

Well, we like a challenge at Rosalind Miller Cakes, so in 2013 we will be tasking ourselves to come up with some cutting-edge, never seen before, floral wedding cake designs.

Some Spring flowers that we are taking inspiration from currently are the Mimosa, the white Muscari, the Allium, the Bloodroot and the Flannel Flower.

So watch this space for some new Spring floral creations from the Rosalind Miller Cakes studio...

On a side note, we had to share a link to one of our favourite companies pushing the boundaries of floral art: Hafod Grange make stunning paperweights with real flowers encased inside a resin globe.

This enchanting Dandelion paperweight is currently holding down the stack of papers on our desk.


  1. Beautiful cakes. Especially love the ruffles.